Property Management In Tel-Aviv : Why entrust your property to Lev Tel-Aviv a professional real estate Agency in Tel-Aviv ?

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Real Estate Property Management In Tel-Aviv :

In order to build up assets and prepare for their future, many individuals – helped by low-interest loans and the tax advantages of new buildings – are now embarking on a Tel-Aviv  real estate purchase. Investing in real-estate allows you to have additional income once the loan has been repaid. And this, thanks to the rental of their property. If this seems simple on the surface, rental is nevertheless subject to rules, requires time and even presents risks. This is why more and more landlords prefer to entrust this rental management to professionals, like Lev Tel Aviv , to be supported at each stage of their project …

Prepare the property before its rental:

Before renting out their tel-aviv apartment, house or even business, owners are subject to legal obligations. One of them being rent control. And for good reason, depending on the cities and their neighborhoods, decrees set a reference rent as well as an increased reference rent. Finally, between furnished and unfurnished rentals in tel-aviv , different rules may apply … In order to see more clearly, future landlords no longer hesitate to call on Tel aviv Property  management organizations for advice, to estimate their well and maximize their rental income. At Lev Tel Aviv , owners even have a single point of contact – supported by experts in administrative, accounting, commercial and technical matters – to benefit from tailor-made and personalized support.

Find the tenant and secure the rents:

Once the tel aviv  accommodation is ready to be rented, the second step is to find a tenant. By using the services of an agency specializing in rental management, landlords save precious time. With a real estate network of more than 15 years Lev Tel Aviv  takes care of everything: taking photos, writing advertisements, promoting properties, organizing visits, etc. After selecting the tenant, the organization takes charge of writing Lease contracts. Choosing to go through a professional to take over the management of a rental property also has another advantage: rental guarantees. In the event of unpaid rents or the absence of tenants, an owner who relies on this income to finance his loan may find himself in an extremely precarious situation … If there is insurance covering this type of contingency, going through a manager rental such as Lev Tel Aviv is less expensive than an individual contract. Lev Tel Aviv agency is committed to securing the payment of these rents. Thus, landlords can rent their property with confidence, and at a lower cost.

Delegate day-to-day management:

Between the drafting of receipts, the communication of information, the inventory (arrival and departure), the carrying out of work or even the resolution of claims, renting your property in tel aviv is not always easy. Owners must indeed make time and often be present on site. With Lev Tel Aviv Property   rental management, it is the agency that manages the direct relationship with the tenant, on a daily basis. A real plus for landlords who do not live in the same city as their rental property. And for total transparency on rental monitoring, owners have 24/7 access to information and documents related to their property, via www.levtelaviv.com, a private online customer area.

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