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    Lorenza Zeitune
    Phone : 054 622 66 65
    Sebastien Smila

    Phone : 054 692 84 55

    About us

    We, Sebastien and Lorenza, created Lev Tel Aviv Property in January 2019.
    Our Goal : offering a quality, effective and transparent service to our clients.
    We aim to be proactive in what we do and offer much more than merely providing properties for rent and sales.

    Lev Tel Aviv​

    Our Office is located in the vibrant neighborhood of “Lev Hair” in the only pedestrian street of Tel Aviv by the Karmel Market, we particularly love the architecture of this area than offers a combination of ancient, street culture, with an incredible combinaison of new projects with  unique boutique building.

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    +972 54 692 84 55

    Nahalat Binyamin 13,
    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Sunday— Thursday
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