4 Mistakes to avoid when renting an apartment in Tel-Aviv

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Real Estate Property Management In Tel-Aviv :

The apartments  not belonging to you, it will be necessary to take care of it to return it in the same state as you found it. Here are the mistakes to avoid when renting a condo in tel-aviv

When you want  to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv or a house in Tel-Aviv , there are certain rules to be aware of in order for the rental to take place in the best conditions. 

1.Before rental :

Remember to ask the right questions

When visiting your future accommodation, remember to ask questions relating to the neighborhood (Neve-tsedek,Kerem Hatemanim,Rotschild avenue,Florentine,Gindi) to amenities in the neighborhood but also to electricity consumption if the heating is electric. Ask for details on what the price of charges includes ,so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

Talk with an real estate broker in Tel-aviv

2.Do not sign without having read the lease agreement :

When the apartment is a Favorite  we are often tempted to sign as quickly as possible to be sure of having the telaviv apartment or the house. It is a mistake ! Read your entire contract carefully and don’t hesitate to ask for details. If you have animals, check that the lease does not prohibit their presence.

3.Do not overlook  the inventory

Before entering the accommodation, the inventory is essential. Note that it does not only protect the owner: it is also a guarantee for the tenant not to be blamed for damage that is not his fault. Take the time to examine each room, check the opening and closing of doors and windows.

4.During the rental

Do not modify the parts or the rooms 
Be aware that you do not have the right to modify the structure of the accommodation. In short, you can’t knock down partitions or build new ones. Likewise, you cannot integrate final fittings such as a fireplace.

Do not modify floors and walls excessively
You have the right to change the color of the walls but be careful that the color or the pattern are consensual. You cannot use too bright color or a motley pattern. The color change should appeal to as many people as possible so that owners in telaviv does not have to repaint when you leave the apartment . Note that you can of course obtain the owner’s agreement for any work. Remember to explain your project to him before you start.

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